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The Gallery: A Beauty Studio is an exceptional place for guests to receive their salon services and for stylists to make their salon home.

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Be proud of your trade.

Be excited about what you create.

Flourish behind the chair in aN atmosphere that supports you as a stylist.

Providing a workplace where stylists flourish is my passion.  
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A Message From Our Owner, Gianna Lundgren

Many stylists in the industry love their work and their clients, but feel their salon environment is lacking.

I’ve been a stylist in the industry since 2012. I've experienced the benefits of commission, chair rental, and booth rental salons, but have come to know their downfalls as well. 


I created The Gallery as a marriage between the best parts of a commission salon and a chair rental salon. 

I believe a phenomenal guest experience starts with the stylist.

Every stylist deserves a place that inspires them to express their creativity.
If a stylist is happy to come to work, they will deliver their best results to each and every guest they service. 

Our chair rental rate includes access to a fully outfitted and stocked salon, plus, our stylists enjoy access to every style and length of our exclusive Pop Locks tape-in hair extensions. 

With assistance from one of our stylists, our guests can choose and purchase their extensions and have them installed the same day!

I truly have poured my heart into this space.

I have spared no expense in ensuring that The Gallery is the highest-end salon in Mount Pleasant.

If you are ready to be a part of something new, exciting and better than the salon industry standard, we are ready to meet you and welcome you to our beautiful salon.


Our beauty studio is the ideal location for hair artists who are ready to:

✔ Take charge of their own schedule, hours, and prices
✔ Stop paying high commissions to their salon owner
✔ Save time and money by no longer needing to outfit their own color bar, salon supplies, and space

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Our Stylists are free to thrive as professionals because:

✔ All of their supplies are provided
✔ Their guests enjoy access to refreshments 
✔ They have full usage of the salon’s color bar and are only responsible to replace what they use
✔ Whatever they need to create is available 

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