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  1. The Holidays are coming up! Our favorite bold red lip for fall and winter is the MaryJo shade from the Kylie lip stain line. 

  2. Another great hot tip for the upcoming winter season is to use the colder months to treat your skin with a licensed aesthetician! Chemical peels, micro-needling and laser treatments cannot be done on sun-exposed skin. So now is the time to schedule with your favorite skin-care specialist for all of the amazing treatments you couldn’t get over the summer.

  3. We love a primer that makes your skin look glowy and dewy, our favorite is Rare Beauty Illuminator.

  4. The Bermuda Oil Dark Spot Treatment by Bushbalm is AMAZING. If you have any skin discoloration on your body (underarms, knees, bikini line, etc.) this oil will brighten any hyperpigmentation within a few weeks.

  5. More winter hot tips…. Can you tell we were so over summer?!? Now that it isn’t so humid out, give your hair a rest! Shampoo less frequently and try and cut back on heat styling. Focus on at-home haircare and treat yourself to a moisturizing mask the next time you are in the salon.

  6. TEETH WHITENING! Salon owner Gianna is obsessed with Luminex Oral Essentials teeth-whitening strips. These strips do not cause any teeth sensitivity issues, are made with totally natural ingredients and will leave your smile super sparkly!  

  7. Blondes, don’t be afraid to transition your color to fall with your stylist using demi-permanent shades. This is another way you can give your hair a break by avoiding year-around lightening services. You can still be blonde all year long but focus on richer tones and incorporating a lowlight to change your color for the Holiday season.

  8. Try the Lancôme Lash Primer… Trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

  9. Each & Every makes the best smelling natural deodorants that actually work. Our favorite is the Cardamom & Ginger scent, but they are all divine!

  10. Schedule a styling tutorial at your salon. For those of you who struggle with styling your hair on a daily basis, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Most salons offer tutorials where your stylist can break down different options for how you can wear your hair and what tools and products you need to create that look at home.

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