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We are a team of talented, passionate and happy stylists. We support each other and the common goal of creating a better salon experience for ourselves and our guests.

Many stylists in the industry love their work and their clients, but feel their salon environment is lacking in many ways.

The Gallery: A Beauty Studio  was created for stylists who are ready to become independent artists but don’t want the stress of establishing their own brand or funding their own salon set-up. It is an ideal environment to work as a team, perfect your skills and discover your full potential behind the chair.



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The Gallery in Mount Pleasant was created upon the foundation of serving the stylist first. When stylists love their salon atmosphere, respect their salon owner, and feel fulfilled by their work, a sensational guest experience happens organically. 

✔ Work in a salon with an established brand that’s fully stocked with products, color, and supplies.

 Be your own boss and make your own schedule.  

✔ Never worry again about the headache of salon inventory, creating business cards, or finding a salon booking app. All of this is handled for you!

✔ Work for an owner who has experienced both chair rental and commission salons. She understands that to create a high-quality salon, the stylist needs to come first.

The Gallery is a marriage between the best parts of a commission salon and a chair rental salon.


Share a chair with access to the salon up to 3 days a week.


Rent your own chair with salon access 7 days a week.


Our weekly chair rental fee includes access to a fully outfitted and stocked salon.

As a stylist, you will walk into work every day knowing that:

✔ All your needed supplies are ready for you.

✔ Your guests will enjoy access to refreshments.


✔ You’ll have full usage of the salon’s color bar and only be responsible for replacing the color you use.


✔ All the items you need to create will be made available to you. 

✔ The Gallery stylists enjoy access to every style and length of our exclusive Pop Locks tape-in hair extensions. With your assistance, your guests can choose and purchase their extensions and have them installed the same day!  

✔ Our studio is an exceptional place to make your salon home and become a part of changing the norms of our industry. 

If you are ready to become a part of something new, exciting, and better than the salon industry standard, we are ready to meet you and welcome you to our beautiful Charleston area salon.

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